Announcing the Results of the Common Good Challenge: Meet the Winners!

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About The Challenge

The Common Good Challenge embraces the idea that society is stronger when people with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences work together to develop meaningful solutions to complex problems.

At a time when significant attention is paid to breakdowns in civil discourse and persistent pressures on our democracy, this competition honors and invests in projects that advance dialogue and cooperation across social, economic, political, racial, and other boundaries to solve specific community challenges.
How to Participate
Step 01
December 13, 2022

You must register by Tuesday, December 13, 2022 at 5:00 PM Mountain Time in order to be eligible to submit a proposal to the Common Good Challenge.

Step 02
January 18, 2023

Once you’ve registered for the Common Good Challenge, submit your application no later than Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM Mountain Time.

Step 03
February 2023 - April 2023

Valid applications will be scored by five fellow applicants, then a subset of top-scoring submissions will be scored by five Evaluation Panel judges. Scores are normalized to ensure fairness.

Step 04
Finalists Selection
May 2023

Informed by Evaluation Panel results, the Common Good Challenge team will review top-scoring submissions and may request additional information to select and announce six Finalists.

Step 05
Finalists Planning Phase
May 2023

Finalists will have three weeks to strengthen and refine their solutions, and develop more detailed plans as they prepare presentations for an in-person pitch event in June.

Step 06
Pitch Event & Awards
June 2023

Finalists will pitch their solutions to the Selection Committee, and three Winners will be selected to each receive a $100,000 award to seed or implement their solution.


Questions & Answers

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions. View all of the FAQs here and email us for more information.
What is the Common Good Challenge?
Who can participate?
What types of projects are you looking for?
How do I apply?
How will submissions be assessed?
Will you consider funding a proposed solution in the early, pilot stages?

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