Announcing the Results of the Common Good Challenge: Meet the Winners!
Bernadette Selna
General Partner, Suisse Family Ranches

Bernadette Selna has served for more than 30 years as a classroom teacher, a school and county administrator, and a curriculum and program developer and trainer for state-wide, systemic professional development. Her areas of expertise include education administration, curriculum development and teaching methods. Her content emphasizes are history and mathematics. She is a general partner in her family ranching and real estate businesses.

Ms Selna holds certifications from the William Glasser Institute in Choice Theory and from the Arizona Department of Education in Elementary and Special Education, School Administration, and Coaching and Teaching. She holds a lifetime certificate to teach in the Community College system. Her commitment to continuous education has led her to participate in and provide training for various specialized training programs. These teaching and learning systems include classroom techniques for real-life application, child development, professional development, and guidance for students to discover and develop their own potential. She earned a Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, and a Master of Arts in Special Education, Learning Disabilities, degrees from Northern Arizona University.  

Her mission is to provide, through education, opportunities for individuals to live meaningful and independent, purpose-driven lives.

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