Announcing the Results of the Common Good Challenge: Meet the Winners!
Buna George
Executive Director, Greater Yuma Port Authority

In November 2018, GYPA's Board of Directors contracted Buna George to serve as the Authorities Executive Director. Born in Yuma, AZ, she has experiences life on both sides of the US and Mexico border. She was taught English and Spanish simultaneously and border culture was engrained in her at an early age. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Urban Planning and Development through Arizona State University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Legal Studies at the James E. Rogers College of Law through the University of Arizona.

She is a major supporter in strengthening and enriching, not only just the relationship between Arizona and Sonora, but between both United States and Mexico. Her primary focus pertains to international trade and commerce, that travels Northbound through the San Luis Commercial Port of entry. Her efforts are to ensure the region’s logistical routes for commercial users remain uninterrupted and efficient. “With over 4 billion Dollars in Trade coming through the commercial port of entry in San Luis, it is imperative that not only the drivers have a good experience, but the time to market factor is taken into consideration for the fresh produce that moves its way to US grocery stores.” Buna’s efforts have also allowed for the full development of over 100 acres of Industrial use land near the commercial port, located within the Gary J. Magrino Industrial Park.

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