Announcing the Results of the Common Good Challenge: Meet the Winners!
Coral Evans
Former Mayor & Executive Director, Sunnyside Neighborhood Association of Flagstaff, Inc.

Former Flagstaff Mayor Dr. Coral Evans is a social and public policy entrepreneur who believes in the concept of thrive-ability. She is passionate about creating opportunities for civic engagement, civil discourse, community revitalization, and the advancement of all people.

Dr. Evans was named one of the 48 Most Intriguing Women of Arizona for 2022 by 48 Arizona Women and the Arizona Historical Society. As Mayor, she was recognized by the Arizona Business Magazine as one of Arizona's "Most Influential Women in Business." Other recognitions include The Arizona Community Action Association's Margie Frost Champion Against Poverty Award, Coconino Hispanic Advisory Council Cesar E Chavez Community Award, and the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce Athena Award.

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