Announcing the Results of the Common Good Challenge: Meet the Winners!
Don Henninger
Founder & Executive Director, Scottsdale Coalition of Today & Tomorrow; Co-chair, The Arizona Democracy Resilience Network

Don Henninger has been a top media executive and business leader in Arizona for over 35 years, serving in a number of roles at The Phoenix Gazette/Arizona Republic, including managing editor. He then moved on to a 14-year run as publisher/CEO of the Phoenix Business Journal. Currently he is founder and executive director of the Scottsdale Coalition of Today & Tomorrow, a non-profit, non-partisan group that works to educate and advocate on issues important to the city’s future. He also is co-chair of the Arizona Democracy Resilience Network, a cross-partisan effort initiated by the Carter Center in Atlanta, Ga., in support of free, fair and secure elections. Henninger serves on a number of boards, including Family Promise, the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and Independent News Media. He is the senior warden at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church and is on the advisory councils of Scottsdale Leadership and Scottsdale Community College.

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