Announcing the Results of the Common Good Challenge: Meet the Winners!
Wen Chyi Chiu
Editor, Arizona Asian World Magazine

Wen Chyi Chiu graduated from Arizona State University, majored in Journalism and Communications. Wen Chyi Chiu’s specialties are Global Relations, Public Relations and Media Relations. She believes people to people relationships are very important, and through people to people’s appreciation, connection, bonding, and understanding can strengthen love, caring, harmony, peace, equality, and justice to the world. Currently, she is Chairwoman for Phoenix Taipei Sister Cities and Chair of the Chairwoman for Phoenix Sister Cities Eleven International Sister Cities. She has been dedicating, devoting, volunteering, contributing, and serving American, Asian, Taiwanese, and Chinese Communities and Phoenix Sister Cities for over 25 years to promote non-violence, justice, peace, unity, education, culture awareness and diversity. She also establishes and promotes STEM/STEAM sister schools, police and fire exchanges, youth ambassadors’ exchanges, global friendship, arts, culture, sports, business, solar energy, and high technology exchanges and partnerships for Phoenix and Taipei. She is the Founding Executive Board Member and Founding President for Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Arizona Chapter to develop Arizona’s economy and showcase women talents, and she is current Principal of Arizona Chinese Mandarin and Culture Academy to provide Mandarin learnings for students, and Executive Director of Taipei Culture Summer Camp to allow younger generations to gain the global perspectives of the world.

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